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Abby Wan

You DON’T Need These Products In Your Routine

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Some of the products in your beauty routine are useful- they are formulated to nourish, exfoliate, and take extra care of your skin. But spending our hard-earned money on products that are either totally unnecessary or could easily be replaced by something we are already using is one of the biggest scams in the beauty industry. Yes, there is no doubt that marketing strategies nowadays are way too effective. We are constantly hearing about new launches, new inventions, and new things to spend money on. But wait, here are some of the beauty products that you really don’t need in your everyday routine:

  • Body Parts Specialized Cream

There are “specialized creams” for pretty much every part of our body: hands, feet, elbows, cuticles, breasts… Unfortunately, they are not special for that specific body parts. The truth is, these creams are just ordinary creams but might be thicker. You don’t want to put any of those “body parts specialized cream” on your face because you’ll most definitely breakout from the oiliness and thickness. My point is that those cream actually have NO specialized purpose; they do not work on your face; but they work just fine on every other parts of your body. You could use any regular moisturizer/body lotion on all of body areas and achieve the same effect. I promise that you will get everything you need for your body with ordinary body lotion or facial moisturizer.

  • Toner

“What? Are you telling me I’ve been wasting money on something useless ever since I actually started doing skin care?” Yes and No. Toner isn’t completely useless, but it is not necessary for most people. The main function of a toner is to remove excess dirt, oil that your cleanser might leave out, as well as balance the PH of your skin. If your skin is at a regular state without acting abnormal like crazily break out, you will be doing just fine with your simplified skin care routine without a toner. You can save money on toner by choosing a great cleanser that fits best for your skin type and clean your face thoroughly at least once a day, and not using products that contains harsh ingredients.

  •  Cellulite Products

Here is a really harsh truth you might not want to hear: cellulite products don’t cure cellulite. Why? Cellulite is a genetic formation of fat cells right under the layer of the skin. The only way to say goodbye to cellulite is to visit your dermatologist for a laser treatment or sticking to a heavy workout regime. But the truth is that for most women, realistically, it doesn’t matter how thin you get, the cellulite is still going to stick around. The products for cellulite make it disappear for a little bit by using a stimulant like caffeine to puff up the pockets in your cellulite. But after the products wears off, they come right back. 

  • Face Spray

We all love facial sprays! They make you feel so fancy and like you have your whole beauty routine and life together and figured out. But the truth is: they don’t do much to help your skin. If you cut the facial spray out of your routine and keep basic… you are probably going to have the exact same results. The only exception here is setting spray! A good setting spray might save your life (or at least your full face of makeup after a long day/night). 

  • Hair Anti-Aging

Don’t laugh! Here is a scientific lesson: the hair on your body is dead, and it is not aging in any way. Given that we have anti-aging products for skin, someone came up with the “genius” idea to market anti-aging products for the hair too! You probably don’t own one yet, but before you getting caught into the haul, here it the thing: there is nothing you can do to stop the changes in color, texture, or shine that come with age. 

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