Why Is Gut Health So Important

When it comes to beautiful skin, maintaining your inner health is just as important as choosing right skin care products. There are a number of skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, eczema and even long-lasting acne scars have a direct relationship with the gut health. It has been scientifically proven that a well-functioned digestive system supports the skin’s ability to heal and repair itself. According to studies, the balance of various bacteria in the gut can affect our weight, mood, hormone level, metabolism and immune system. But can the microbial buddies influence the skin? Absolutely. The healthy level of the gut microbiota in our body is tightly related to the healthy level of fatty acids underneath the skin. And the skin reveals a healthy fatty acids profile by showing to be more moisturized, hydrated and protected. In this article, we’ll be explaining why you should always keep your gut healthy and how to achieve it:

Gut health, hormone level and hormone acnes:
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Acne is not just a headache for adolescent. There are many grownups still suffering from acnes even at their 30s, which is called hormone acne. Beneath the frustrating acne appearance, there is something wrong with the gut. Trillions of microbiomes, both good and bad ones, are living in our gut to maintain a healthy function.

What we eat everyday goes through the digestive tract where the food is further transformed into useful nutrition needed by our body. During this process, the intestinal wall in the digestive system acts like security guard that prevents harmful substances from invading the body. Nutrition and water will pass the checkpoint that is formed by small gaps in the intestinal wall, and go to bloodstream to be transformed into energy. However, when the intestinal wall becomes loose, bad bacterials and toxins can slip through into bloodstream, resulting in inflammation, causing bloating, fatigue, hormone imbalance and skin problems. This chain reaction is called leaky gut syndrome.

Leaky gut and other gut imbalance will disrupt hormones including estrogen, and estrogen imbalance will potentially increase the risk of breast cancer. When the body gets invaded by harmful substances, an immune reaction inside our body is triggered, causing redness, sensitivity and breakouts on the skin. In addition, the gut produces 90% of serotonin, a brain hormone that controls happiness and wellbeing. An unhealthy gut will disrupt brain hormone and cause mental disorder. If the gut is inflamed, no surprise that skin problems show up.

Gut health, brain system and stressed skin conditions:

You might have noticed that your skin is more sensitive and more likely to get problems when you are under stress or other bad moods. This is because our brain is also tightly connected to the gut. Since our body is such an integrated network, billions of nerve cells in the brain are constantly communicating with the cells in the gut and skin. Researches have shown that dysbiosis and inflammation of the gut are one of the factors causing mental health disorder, such as fatigue, depression, and anxiety. There are many sweat glands, nerve cells, and blood vessels staying within the skin. They are governed by the nerve and immune system. For example, your face will probably turn blushing and warm when you are having an embarrassing moment. With that being said, if the brain is negatively influenced by inflamed gut, you can expect some unwanted skin conditions.

How to keep gut health:

Maintaining intestinal health, especially in an older age, is an important way to restore a healthy and radiant skin. The best way to do it is through changing your diet. When you change something in your gut microbiome, the effects spill over to other areas of your body, including your immune system, brain system and skin.

Having a healthy diet starts with one rule: DO NOT be overly picky when it comes to food. Fruits and vegetables should be the basic foundation of any diet as they are rich in nutrition such as vitamins, minerals. Fish and meat are good sources of nutrition too such as natural collagen. Good fat and fibers can be easily found in grains, nuts, and beans. Eating a variety of food ensures different types of nutrition to be transported into the body, working on different duties to maintain a balanced body function. If you are following some special diet such as vegan or keto, taking supplements derived from natural resources will help your body gain a balanced nutrition.

A diet that is good for your overall health is also good for your skin. Stick to a balanced nutrition and pay attention to your health from a holistic perspective. Keeping your head up and feeling confident is the best filter you can ever use. 

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