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Abby Wan

5 Skin Care Basics You Should Know Before Seeking Products

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Trying to fight against stubborn skin flaws for years and still not seeing winning flag? As far as treatments go, you have probably already had a big expense on skincare products, tried tons of them that promise amazing results and benefits for your skin, but your skin is not making that much of a difference after all. It doesn’t matter how good or pricy those skincare products are, if your basic beauty routine is not in place the desired results can hardly reveal. Before complaining about the products, let’s take a look of the 6 skincare basics you should follow when it comes to a skincare routine.

1. Know what your skin truly needs and treat it accordingly

Don’t blindly follow advises from others without knowing what your skin really needs. There are people doing product reviews and suggestions everyday with good intentions. However, good products from others’ mouth might not be a perfect match for your skin condition. Knowing your skin type is very helpful in this case. Whether it is normal, dry, oily, acne-prone, sensitive, or aging you should be able to filter out some products and choose from the right group. 

Sometimes, skin condition might be more complicated than a single type. Many people have oily, acne-prone skin while also experiencing dryness. In that case, solely targeting on acne-prone by overly cleaning excessive oil and using acne treatment without replenishing enough hydration will not bring ideal results. In fact, your skin barrier might have been damaged from the wrong treatments. Seeing your skin needs in a full-scale will help you achieve better results with less effort. 

Keep in mind that your skin is always changing with age, environment, stress level, physical and mental health, and hormonal changes.

2. Keep your skin clean doesn’t mean excessively clean

Whether you wear makeup on the daily or you don’t, cleaning face regularly at the is essential. It will remove all of the makeup, grime, dirt, and pollution that builds up on your skin, which will eventually cause skin problems if not completely eliminate. However, thoroughly cleaning doesn’t mean you should do it five times a day. Overly cleaning your face is one of the main reasons to skin barrier damage. Dermatologists have shown that one to two times of cleaning is ideal to maintain skin health. However, you should defiantly promise your face a thorough clean once every day. 

As far as cleaning step, makeup remover is suggested to be the first step to dissolve makeup, SPF, pollution, and sebum on the surface of your skin. The second step is using water-based cleanser (like a gel, cream, or foam) to get rid of impurities like stubborn dirt.

3. Layer Your Products the Right Way

Layering your skincare in the wrong order leads to some of your products not absorbing into your skin properly. The general rule is to go from the most lightweight products to the thickest ones.

Start the routine with double cleansing, then exfoliate or do a mask if you need to. Next, if you are a toner lover (not a necessary step), apply your toner which may help with product absorbing as well as remove impurities your cleanser may have missed around your neck or hairline. After that, apply any spot treatments or essences. Then, apply serum and then use your eye cream. After the eye cream, apply moisturizer. As the last step, use a face oil – this should be the last step because face oils create a protective barrier on your skin.

These steps pretty much cover all types of skincare products in the market now that you might be interested. However, we believe less is more. Try to cut unnecessary steps in your skin-care routine because you don’t want to over feed your skin needs.

4. Exfoliating is important

When we say regular exfoliation, we mean at least once a week. Regular exfoliation will remove all of the dead skin cells that block your pores and help with skin cell renewal. Sticking to this routine basic will clear out dead skin and dirt, and it will also allow for other products to penetrate deeper into the skin and instantly brighten your complexion. Some exfoliators, like AHAs, can also improve the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines too!

Here is a bottom line, exfoliating is important but not suggested to do every day. Your skin has its own agenda on cellular regeneration. It can only regenerate certain amount of times in a lifetime. Overly exfoliating might smooth texture and improve dullness, but will disrupt your skin’s own timeline to work, which will worse aging sign in a mature age.

5. Never Forget SPF

Sunburn is not the only damage that the sun can do to your skin. The truth is much worse: the sun is literally destroying your skin every time you feel it on your face. The UVA rays that penetrate the skin damage its collagen, which leads to deep wrinkles and sagging skin. Leaving the house without sunscreen on your face, neck, and hands is a bad idea, even if the day is cloudy. Sunscreen is a mush in your daily skin care routine.

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