Everything You Need to Know About Holistic Beauty

Abby Wan

Abby Wan

What Is Holistic Beauty?

You probably have experiences where you don’t even get a chance to show off your smooth skin after healing from breaking out yet, other skin problems such as fine lines, dryness or even more evil pimples always catch up on you in no time. Heading into a store, you can easily find skin care products targeting from acne to aging, ranging from basic cleanser to innovative creams, which are definitely overwhelming. Many people spend big amount of money on topical products wishing to achieve an ideal result that completely solve skin concerns. One thing that has been neglected is that the problems or conditions shows up on skin surface closely connected to every part of human body, from hormone changes to stress level, from gut health to mentality.

In order to obtain a natural healthy glow and maintain a good skin condition, it is necessary to acknowledge how our mind, body and soul or in another word the wholeness of wellbeing matters to our skin. And that is what we mean by holistic beauty. Holistic beauty is an all-encompassing approach to beauty and lifestyle that includes taking care of oneself physically and spiritually. This approach is going to ultimately solve many skin concerns, enhance skin health amongst many other benefits. We organized 5 of our favorite beauty advises that you can follow in your lifestyle, which will benefit beyond just the skin:

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1. Regular Exercise

The fountain of youthful skin may be hiding in a regular workout schedule. According to dermatologists, actively exercising promote skin health, stimulate collagen production and cellular regeneration by delivering oxygen and nutrition to the skin, which resulted from rise of heart rate and enhanced blood circulation. Also, through the process of sweating, toxins, heavy metals, and metabolic wastes are released from your body. Always remember to clean your face first before work out as sweating from exercise will open up the pores and clear them up. If there are substance that might clog pores such as make up can potentially cause break out.

2. Stress Relief & Management

Stress negatively affects skin by changing chemical response inside of the body. Many people have noticed that they will be more likely to breakout or have abnormal skin conditions when they are under stress. It is because hormonal imbalance resulted from stress produces more chemical called cortisol. It tells the body to produce more oil, revealed on the face as oily skin, which is more likely to get acne or other skin problems. Researches have also shown that stress aggravate skin problems such as rosacea and psoriasis.

Having our stress under control is absolutely important for not only skin health, but more importantly our physical and mental health. Meditation is one of a few stress-relief practices that can genuinely transform all cells and tissues, which helps with peaceful minds as well as rejuvenates the skin and give it a youthful glow. If you are having a busy schedule or lifestyle in general, try to get some help from all-natural stress relief supplements to better manage your daily stress in a convenient way.

3. Beauty Sleep

Getting a 7-8 hours of beauty sleep every night is no joke, and you definitely want to take it seriously. Several researches have shown that sleep deprivation can increase the risk of wrinklеѕ аnd ѕаggу appearing. In order to rebuild, repair, and replace cellular tissue, our body requires a certain amount of rest, which is why getting enough sleep is one of the most important things we should all be doing every day as a small effort towards the goal of getting good skin.

4. Balanced Diet & Nutrition

Human body repairs and rebuilds cellular tissue daily, which is why it needs an adequate diet that contains vitamins, minerals, protein, fats, enzymes, and other micronutrients. And just like our body, our skin needs to receive balanced nutrients, so it can regenerate new cells, build strong collagen structures and strengthen its barrier function. Healthy diet cannot stop natural aging process; however, researches have shown that many skin conditions can be improved in an effective way. For example, Vitamin A is highly effective in treating acne; Vitamin C is known for brightening and improving pigmentation; Vitamin C, D and mineral zinc oxide help with wound healing; Vitamin D and E prevent skin inflammation.

When your body is nourished with abundant and balanced nutrition, it will show up on your skin in the most positive way possible. If it’s hard for you to have a balanced healthy diet, it is necessary to take beauty supplements that are made primarily from natural plants, and foods.

5. Sun Protection & Anti-Oxidant

The truth in aging is that the UV damage is responsible for 90% of aging signs on the skin. Clearly, sunscreen is a MUST in everyone’s daily routine even on a cloudy day as UV lights has strong penetration ability which will is hardly obstructed by clouds. Any “tan” is just a blueprint of where hyperpigmentation and wrinkles will develop over time and a sign of damage to your skin.

Aside from topical products, eating fruits, veggies or any foods and drinks that contain high concentration of Vitamin C and E will internally promote our body and skin to fight against free radical, improve anti-oxidant ability. Cutting off sugar consuming and sweet treats will also prevent your skin from aging.


By now, we have concluded that holistic beauty is beneficial in achieving healthy skin. The focus is removed from creams, serums, and procedures, and it is placed on getting the body, mind, and soul into a healthy balance. The process of applying the holistic beauty approach to your life is definitely an empowering one, and it is going to nudge you towards taking more responsibility for your overall healt

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