When ancestral plants meet Cutting-Age Tech

Beauty becomes effortless

Through researching the relationships between inner health and external beauty, we created Aestheology by modernizing ancestral wisdoms for people who are interested in an intelligent beauty lifestyle. We use pharmacological herbs, superfoods and science-activated ingredients to fundamentally rejuvenate youthful skin, revolutionize the beauty experience in A HOLISTIC WAY.

Clean                 Intelligent                 Well-designed


We focus on holistic beauty, health and wellbing. We offer intelligent formulas powered by the nature and science to synergistically deliver optimized efficacy with sensuous refinement.



Representing our truest capabilities - science activated formulation to revolutionize your beauty journey.

Intelligence in formula

Our inspiration comes from holistic natural remedies that have been tested for ages with proven safety and benefits. We unlock ancient wisdom with scientific practice to elevate beauty.


Mastering the scale of the most authentic version of yourself - beauty and everything in between.

Balance in skin

We prioritize wellness and health, focus on recovery and regeneration ability of skin itself by offering true guidelines to various skin conditions with the same goal in mind - bringing skin back into balance.


Connecting the instinctive humanity in everyone - beyond skincare we live beautifully in all ways.

Unity in Community

We embrace beauty of all kinds, promote harmony among diversity and support sustainability from every aspect of our working. Together we will make our home a better place.


Inspired by the holistic approach of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) – which believes that the health and beauty of human body are maintained through balanced internal and external networks, we are born in 2020 with a single focus in mind – elevating the natural beauty. Our uniqueness parlays itself via balance of time tested ancestral wisdom and cutting edge technology. Unlike other commonly used natural ingredients, the ancestral herbs at the heart of our brand have gone through over 2500 years of medical practices in many countries, offer the greatest pharmacological and healing properties with established safety and efficacy reports . 

With herbology at our foundation, we strictly select every raw ingredient, sourced through the most reputable suppliers around the world and formulated meticulously in the lab to ensure optimized results through synergy. 

We are believers that all of us are physical and spiritual beings. We celebrate life journey by treasuring uniqueness in diverse, pursuing aesthetics in creativity, seeking balance in nature and elevating joy in wellness. Come along with us to the exciting beauty ride. Cheers!




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